If Aristotle was alive today, he’d have a talk show.”

– Timothy Leary


Klem Klassen the Klown has the number-one rated late night TV talk show – his ratings far outstrip all competitors. Using his highly popular TV presence as political platform, Klassen decides to run for the Oval Office against the first woman to break the ultimate glass ceiling – incumbent Democrat, President Mildred Sizemore. But first he must out-debate the Republican candidates he dubs the “Seven Drones.” Or as he tells his wife, “I’ll oppose the opposition.”

Not only does Klem host his nightly show dressed as a clown, but he also wears the outfit to each debate. Naturally the media scores him for his lack of political, military and corporate experience, giving him a very slim chance of winning. Can he do it?


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Mark Leysen lives in Irvine, California. He holds an MA degree in art, and although retired as a college studio art instructor, he is not retired from painting or writing. The Klown is his third novel.

–  Photo by Tania